The Half-Tuck

For a couple of years now, one of my favorite go-to styling tricks has been the half-tuck. Some people (mostly guys) just don’t get it.  I can recall a bartender telling me “hey, you know your shirt is accidentally tucked into the front of your jeans.” No sir, this is no accident. This a half-tuck. Here is a quick guide on the whys, whens and hos of this easy to-do look with some photos from past posts.

WHY: The half-tuck is a great little adjustment to make an item less blousy, show off a belt, make more of your pants visible, create a disheveled but put together look.


– You are wearing shorts with a shirt or sweater that is longer in length than the shorts and you want to make sure people know you have bottoms on.

the half-tuck wildfox couture sweater half-tuck

– You are wearing something high waisted and want the waist line to be visible without wearing a cropped top

high-waisted DL1961 jeans half-tuck

1.state two piece half-tuck

– You are wearing a button down and it looks weird untucked, but too serious fully tucked.

h&m button-down half-tuck

– You are wearing a belt and want it to be visible without doing a full tuck.

1. state jacket half-tuck

– You are wearing something oversized or blousy. Because of the size of my chest, things that are too loose or flowy can make me look much bigger than I am, so the half-tuck will bring the fabric closer to your body to show off more of your figure.

cheap monday sweater half-tuck




Tuck in the front of the top and then slowly start to pull some of the fabric out from your bottoms starting from the side and working your way towards your belly button until only a desired amount of tuck remains. If you are wearing a button down, only tuck in the front of one of the sides.


Any questions? Feel free to reach out!



Hope Outdoor Gallery: Mixing Colors

These photos are some of my favorites because of the location. They were taken at Hope Outdoor Gallery. The graffiti in the background is from all different artists. It’s amazing how so many different pieces and styles can work together.

I also love how colors that were traditionally faux-pas to mix (like navy, grey, black and brown) can work together. I combined them all and love how the dark tones look together, especially when layering. Its getting a little cold for cropped pieces alone so instead of covering up my cropped sweater with a jacket, I layered the long sleeve shirt underneath for some added warmth and dimension.









Wearing: BDG Sweater // Project Social Shirt // James Jeans //  Forever 21 Beanie // Ray-Ban Sunglasses // Givenchy Necklace // Gucci Bag // Frye Boots

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Photos: Katy Hirschfeld

Where To Shop: Feathers Boutique (Austin, TX)

Vintage stores come in many shapes and sizes. So when I find one that is top notch, I get very excited. Feathers boutique in Austin, TX is one of those gems. Their pieces are well curated and range from high-end designer labels to well worn band tees. They even have  some new jewelry as well. I also love the lay out. The clothing is lined neatly around the rustic space, so there is no rummaging through racks upon unorganized racks (which can be overwhelming to many shoppers). And all of my questions were answered by their super cool and knowledgable sales girls.

If you live in Austin, or are passing through town, I highly recommend checking it out. Now check out three looks I put together straight the store!

feather boutique austin tx



Feathers boutique



feathers boutique austin tx 2


feathers boutique austin tx 3


feathers boutique austin tx 4

Location: 1700 B South Congress Ave. (entrance on Milton), Austin, TX 78704

Phone: 512.912.9779

Store Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-7pm


Instagram: @feathersboutiquevintage

Photos: Katy Hirschfeld




My First Collage

collage art

I am currently in Austin, TX visiting one of my best friends. Her name is Katy Hirschfeld and she is a collage artist under the name Collage Garage. One of the things she and I always bonded over was a constant thirst for creativity, whether it was putting together costume-like outfits or decorating our dorm room. So when I planned my trip here I knew something fun and collaborative would ensue. What I didn’t plan for was the overwhelming inspiration that took hold of me as soon as I stepped off the plane. We toured her studio and I could not WAIT to get back to her apartment so I could try out this art form. I asked her to coach me and instead she threw a magazine and pair of scissors at me and said, “No. Just, like, do it.”

I set out to create a beach scene but once I saw a girl on a swing and kept flipping through pages, something else came out of me. Collaging felt like a release and sitting on the floor near Katy who was busy doing her own work got me really into it. Every single aspect  of the piece is from a different clipping. The girl’s leg is from a different ad. The creepy guy on the upper left? That’s not really his eye!

It’s pretty amazing how the people closest too you can be your biggest inspiration. Did I mention I hadn’t seen her in years? If you have someone close to you who has slipped out of your reach, give them a call. It’s pretty incredible how much of a light people can bring to your life.



P.S. If you are in Austin November 15th-16th or 22nd-23rd, be sure to check out the Collage Garage stop on the East Austin Studio Tour!


Fun Fun Fun Fest Frocks


Fun Fun Fun Fest outfit

Wearing: C & C California Shirt (similar Here) // Indigo Rein Pants (similar Here) // Shoe Cult Boots (similar Here) // ASOS Necklace // Vintage Hat


Fun Fun Fun Fest Outfit 2



Wearing: Bailey 44 Shirt (similar Here)// Helmut Lang Skirt // Urban Outfitters Socks // Shoe Cult Booties // Givenchy Necklace

Just when I thought festival season was over, I traveled to Austin and had the chance to attend Fun Fun Fun Fest. When I’m headed to see live music my look always tends to be influenced by the artists and tunes I’m about to listen to. It’s almost like playing my part, and taking on a roll is always fun. I am having a blast in Austin right now.

Photos: Katy Hirschfeld




Comfy Chic ft. Alexander Wang for H&M

alexander wang x hm cropped top



alexander wang x hm cropped top 2

alexander wang x hm shoes and shirt

alexander wang x hm shoes

Being comfortable doesn’t mean you have to dress like a bum or wear Lulu Lemon. It’s all about fabrics and fit. I was fortunate aggressive enough to be able to snag some great pieces from the Alexander Wang for H&M collection and I waited approximately 10 minutes after purchasing it to put it on. The cropped tee is made from a breathable performance fabric and the shoes are scuba material so they slip on like a dream. To put the look together I threw on my current favorite hoodie and a pair of pants that are like jeggings but better. They are a cross between a jean and yoga pants. Comfort=Happiness in my book. Stay tuned for my first YouTube haul featuring all the pieces I scooped up from H&M!

Wearing: Alexander Wang x hm Tee  //  James Jeans Twiggy Dancer Jeans // Aviator Nation Hoodie // Alexander Wang x hm Shoes // Aqua Beanie (similar Here)

Photos: Becca Frumkin



The Leather Jacket Theory









A close friend of mine came up with what we refer to as the “Leather Jacket Theory.” Now, according to this theory, if you are wearing a leather jacket, you can get in anywhere you want. People laugh, but I have seen it work multiple times. The truth behind the theory…what really makes it work… is that you’re giving off a vibe when you wear the piece. Think about the movies you have seen. What do you associate the bad ass with? A leather jacket. So when you wear one you take on a persona because you feel cool, so you act cool, so you look cool and doormen also think you’re cool. It’s all about confidence.

Now going along with this leather theme… the only thing cooler than wearing one piece of leather, is two pieces of leather. I’m in love with this hat. I felt like the cool guy in an 80’s movie wearing brown leather on brown leather. Lastly, I must make mention of my shoes. I’ve been combining two of my favorite things lately which are drawing and shoes. I was inspired by Chiara Ferragni’s line but didn’t feel like spending $300 on a pair of sneakers, so I made my own version. I love make custom kicks, and  have been taking orders via email-



Wearing: Free People Hat // Banana Republic Cardigan // Theory Leather Jacket // Joe’s Jeans // Aldo Bag // Ray-ban Sunglasses // Ariel Peche Sneakers

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Rips And Pearls










 Wearing: C&C California Sweater // BDG Jeans // Frye Booties // ASOS Necklace // Vintage Scarf //

I always mention my love for grunge, I know. It’s cool, ungirly, and typically comfortable. While I love an all-black ensemble. I also like how brown and black go together. I find that brown shoes with a black outfit tends to soften the look a bit. Now the real star of this outfit is the necklace.

Growing up I loved the game Pretty Pretty Princess. The goal was to collect all of the jewels in your selected color. I remember how glamorous I felt with each additional bauble that I adorned. Well that’s kind of how I felt when I threw on this pearl choker necklace as I slipped out the door. I just love how over the top it is. Throwing on a pop of excitement- whether its a pop of color, or an overly fancy necklace- is not only a great way to make an outfit more interesting, but it makes you feel a little more exciting in your clothing. Pick one thing you love everyday and wear it. It will make you happier and thus more confident. And we all know confidence is really what makes an outfit.

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