Overall Comfortable

There are girls who dress for guys- the ones in the sexy bandage dresses. There are girls who dress for girls- the ones clad in designer frocks or that follow the trends, even if said trends are extremely unattractive to the opposite sex (hence the concept behind The Man Repeller). Why not dress for yourself? I dress for my mood. And today I was in the mood to be playful.

Did I know there was a chance I could run into an ex? Yes. Did I know my overalls might be unappealing to men? Yes. Does it really matter? Definitely not. When you are comfortable you are happier and confident, and confidence is WAY sexier than a skin tight dress that you can barely sit down in. Though to be fair, I did pair my overalls with a cropped mock turtle neck sweater. The moderate show of skin says, “I don’t care what you think, but yes, I am open to flirtatious conversation.”









Wearing: Blank NYC Overalls // Trouve Sweater // Gap Smoking Slippers (similar Here) // Givenchy Shark Tooth Necklace // Top Shop Cuffs //

Photos: Cole Mather





Cold Weather Essentials For Every Style And Budget

As the weather gets cooler it becomes a little more difficult to get creative with outfits. I always feel like I end up wearing the same outfit consisting of a sweater and pants in order to keep warm. So to keep things exciting, I turn to accessories. Whether you’re a girly girl, classic, edgy or boho, accessories  are a great way to spruce up a look when the rest of your body is covered by a big ol’ jacket Below are my accessory essentials for all styles and budgets.

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