And I’m Back. In A Cutout Dress

pinstripe dress

Things have gotten a bit crazy on my end. I switched Real Estate companies and threw my first event, Le Fair. Both which have been a huge success. Change can be a great thing, but it can also be overwhelming and so I had to take a quick step back from blogging to really focus on my new ventures.

Le First Le Fair

Looking through my closet… and my storage unit… and my closet in Philadelphia…. I realized that I might have too much clothing. I have sold some to consignment stores in the past but the truth is, I am a collector and the pieces that I own are special to me. I don’t just buy things to buy them. Instead I put thought into it which is why I love vintage shopping so much. When I find something I like, it really is just that- a find.

So the thought of my treasured items hanging limply amongst racks of used clothing in a consignment shop doesn’t seem right. What DOES feel right to me is offering my clothing to people who like my style and will appreciate my things! This thought process helped drive the event I have organized with Elizabeth of Big Hair Big City.

This Sunday, March 20th at Soho House Chicago we are hosting Le Fair. Le Fair will be a fun and unique shopping experience where people can come and shop the closets of some incredible bloggers and fashionistas in Chicago. The event will be filled with great clothes, White Girl Rose, polaroids, and even a custom SnapChat filters! The first Le Fair will feature the closets of myself and Elizabeth along with Janet of @Fashionaholik, Shai of @DrunkonShoes, Ali of @alialistone, Monika of @MonikaDixonPR and Jas of @Jas_Petersen.


I would love everyone to join me and of course show your support. The event is limited so PLEASE RSVP to And if you are a blogger interested in being a part of the next installment of Le Fair, shoot me an email at