Vintage Floral, 90’s Grunge, and Wearing Your Mood On Your Sleeve

This post has got to be one of my favorites. Nothing I’m wearing is designer. I do not think I look sexy. I just love the vibe of this outfit.

Getting dressed can be a great way to sort out your feelings. To take you from where you are to where you want to be. You should use it as a way to take on another persona. Feeling a bit gloomy? Throw on some neon underwear (which I have mentioned before) and brighten up your own day. Going through a break up? Several break ups? Great. Dress like the girl you want to be. Pick yourself up.Throw on some bad ass boots and dress like the the girl in the movies who does not give an F. Once you’re in the outfit you really will take on that vibe. For this look I wanted to be like the sick (but sweet) 90’s chicks listening to Fiona Apple and [insert more angry chick music] and just killing it. This vintage floral dress is just so loud and feminine and the boots…well… the boots are the perfect contrast. 



Simple Skort

The last time I wore a skort was when I was little. But after laying eyes on this gem I realized that they are making a comeback. And in a big way. Gone are the days of the plain half skirt, half shorts that your mother dressed you up in to make you look nice while simultaneously ensuring that your underwear wouldn’t show while you did cartwheels.

The skort is a statement in itself so I kept the neutral tones throughout my outfit.  I wanted to bring out the playfulness of the bottoms with this fun bauble of a necklace. Always wear something that compliments your mood. Feeling like running around? Make sure your skirt is built for it.

c. wonder sunglasses

1.state skort 02

J crew necklace

1.state skort 01

Top Shop Shoes

1. state skort

Wearing: 1.State Skort | C & C California Tank | Top Shop Shoes | J Crew Necklace | C. Wonder Sunglasses



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Floral Kimono

There is something empowering about wearing a kimono. I would equate it to how superheroes must feel when wearing a cape. Perhaps it’s the manner in which it flows out behind you in the wind as you walk, or the way the fabric falls against your skin. Whatever it is, it just feels good. And that’s what’s important- to wear (and do) what feels good for you.









DSC03036Wearing: Forever 21 Kimono | C & C California Tank | Joe’s Jeans Shorts | Marc Jacobs Shoes |

Urban Outfitters Necklace | Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Photos: Gianna Zarlengo



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