Photo Diary: Coachella

I know this post comes about 4 days late, but the past two weeks took a lot out of me and recovery was necessary. I began my trip to California in Laguna Beach then went to LA, and ended up at Coachella. Coachella was a bit of a last minute plan, but it was so worth it. Hands down one of the best weekends I’ve had. I definitely felt a bit unprepared with outfits since I had been traveling (and still am) living out of one suitcase for over a month and I was hesitant to buy more clothing because my bag was already 18lbs overweight and bursting at the seams. So I had to get creative. But during festival season, when in doubt, it’s easy to spruce up any outfit with interestingly placed flash tattoos. And a huge smile (so cheesy, I know).

coachella music festival coachella style 1 coachella style IMG_4179

Wearing: Forever 21 Cropped tee (sold out, similar HERE)// Forever 21 Shorts // Frye Boots // Forever 21 Backpack // Ray-ban sunglasses
coachella caterpillar coachella corporate headquarters black wide brimmed hat festival outfit

Wearing: Ecote Top // Luli Fama Bathing Suit // Vintage Hat // Top Shop Shorts (similar Here) // Ray-ban Sunglasses // Vince Camuto Sandals (similar and less expensive Here)coachella pool party three zeros collective ray-ban circle sunglasses, three zeros collective mesh top festival look IMG_4301

Wearing: Becca by Rebecca Virtue Bathing Suit // Three Zerohs Collective Top // Top Shop Shorts (similar Here) // Vans Sneakers // Forever 21 Back Pack // Ray-bans Sunglasses
coachella skyline IMG_4321 coachella flash tattoos free people skort coachella Do Lab tent

Wearing: Forever 21 Cami // Free People Skort // Ray-ban Sunglasses // Frye Boots // Vintage Bagcoachella butterfly and balloons cool flash tattoo ideas coachella sunset coachella rainbow palm trees happy coachella glow sticksxx


Striped T-shirt Dress

How to style a tshirt dress DSC04704 How to style a striped tshirt dresscircle ray-bans

DSC04699 striped tshirt dress, leather backpackDSC04701 chunky black link vintage necklace black and silver sandals white leather forever 21 backpack half up bun, white leather backpack


Wearing: Mittoshop dress From Rowen (similar HERE) // Vince Camuto Sandals (similar and less expensive HERE) // Vintage Necklace (similar HERE) // Forever 21 Backpack (HERE) // Ray-ban Sunglasses (HERE)

Photos: Lisa Ginsburg


Wearing a t-shirt dress feels very freeing. Aside from cartwheels, round-offs, and sitting on the ground with your legs crossed, you can really move around without restrictions. And if the fabrics is super lightweight and soft like this one, it just feels great against your body.

Though a t-shirt dress is meant to be comfortable, you don’t want it to look sloppy. I paired this one with a cute color block sandal so that it would match without being boring. I threw on this chunky vintage necklace to make the look a bit more chic, and less grunge.

 Get the look:



Game Of Thrones Inspired Style

I wouldn’t call myself a diehard fan of Game Of Thrones. I started watching just to watch with friends on a Sunday night but I’m definitely starting to get more into it now that I (kind of) know who the characters are and how the stories are intertwined.

Sunday night I went to my brother’s apartment for the season 5 premiere. We made a Game of Thrones inspired meal, even ordered the Game of Cones ice cream from Postmates and watched the show. I have always loved the dresses and hairstyles in the show but I found this episode to be especially aesthetically pleasing… aesthetically pleasing enough to inspire a post.

The hairstyles in the show are so intricate. Here are some of my favorites …

Khaleesi Season 5 episode 1 vneck dress Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 9.23.15 AM Khaleesi Season 5 episode 1 hair Khaleesi Season 5 episode 1 cross front dress

 I decided to try out my own Game of Thrones Khaleesi hairstyle

Game Of Thrones Khaleesi inspired braid hairstyle IMG_3990 Game Of Thrones Khaleesi inspired braid hairstyle 2


The dresses on the show are also beautiful. I would love to wear elaborate frocks and jewelry all day. Here is some Game of Thrones inspired style that I love.

I hope to one day have each and every one of those in my closet. But for now, a girl can dream.



*photos from HBO

Menswear Mondays: Wearing Pink and Purple

I know in this recent post I briefly touched upon men, the color pink, and how to slowly incorporate it into your wardrobe. I had a guy reach out and ask a more specific question, so I will go into it a bit deeper. His question was:

What is your take on men in pink and purple shirts? And what type of pants are best to pair with it?

I think purple and pink are great for guys. Some men shy away from the colors because they find them to be too feminine or they are unsure how to pair them. While I approve of the colors, there are some definite dos and don’ts.


– wear it with a subtle colored pant

– select a more tailored fit

– try to pick a shade that goes best with your skin tone.


– wear a neon pink shirt (unless it’s to a festival)

– wear pink and purple at the same time (unless they are together in a pattern)


So in terms of how to work them into your wardrobe, here are my favorite options for purple and pink shirts. Click any image to be taken directly to the item.


The Pale Pink Polo

Something about a pink polo just reminds me of a refined guy who may or may not play golf or tennis, but who is confident.

Pant suggestions:


The Pink Oxford

This is a great look for the spring and summer. Wear it with the sleeves rolled up for a more laid back, casual look.

Pant suggestions:


The Pink Patterned Button Down

This is a way to incorporate pink without wearing a solid hue.

Pant suggestions:


The Purple Gingham Button Down

A purple gingham is a great, classic way, to wear purple and look extremely put together.

Pant suggestions:


The Purple Sweater

This is a great way to add some color to your look.

Pant suggestions:


Any other questions? Need suggestions? Let me know!