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Men’s Jewelry

There’s no denying that women love their jewelry. But what about men? Men’s jewelry gets a bad reputation because it is often considered tacky or cheesy. While that can be true, men’s jewelry can also be really cool and classy. And it looks especially good in the summer.

So what do I have in mind? Think necklaces, bracelets and rings. They are a great way to enhance any outfit. If you like the idea of a necklace but aren’t fully comfortable yet, you can wear it under your shirt. The chain/leather part will still be visible around your neck and hiding the pendant is a great conversation starter. Women are always curious as to what is hiding under that tee…

Here are shoppable, curated lookbooks of my favorites for men’s necklaces, bracelets, and rings:






See anything you like? Looking for more? Questions on styling the items? Let me know!



Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Since we were little our dads have played a major role in our lives. Unfortunately, 364 days out of the year they don’t get the credit that they deserve. So for Father’s Day, get your dad something that he will love. We don’t realize how busy these guys are! And it is up to us to keep them young. After working as a men’s stylist I realized how something so simple as helping a guy find a nice, well-fitting pair of jeans can make all the difference in his confidence. So go ahead and help your dad out. Even picking him out an awesome hoodie- you’ll be surprised at how one little item will make him look and feel cool again!

father's day gift ideas

1. Ray-ban ($135) 2. WRK ($73.98) 3.Whiskey Ball ($19.95) 4.Master & Dynamic ($399) 5.Rogaska Quoin ($175) 6.Tivoli Audio ($260) 7. Swims ($159) 8. J Crew ($76) 9. Gestalten ($40) 10. Ralph Lauren ($145)