Ariel Pêche is a site dedicated to documenting various artistic outlets. The main focus is sketches and outfit postings. This site is meant to delight, entertain and perhaps (hopefully) even inspire….

My name is Ariel and I have a need to constantly surround myself with things that are aesthetically pleasing. I am a blogger, personal shopper, and a men’s stylist.

Throughout my life I had many ideas of what I wanted to be when I grew up. Between the ages 4 through 9 had you asked me what my top 5 occupations would be during a game of “M.A.S.H” my answers would have looked something like this “1. Singer 2. Actress 3. Babysitter 4. Lifeguard 5. Waitress.”

When I hit the age of 10 a new switch went off in my head and the word Fashion became a part of my vocabulary. This word has stuck with me and takes form in everything that I do. To me fashion is more than clothes. It is art, it is style, it is personal expression.

Ariel Pêche is a name I use for anything I do on my creative side. I am an aspiring swimwear designer but for now I am using this page as an outlet for artistic expression. Enjoy (or get lost).

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Hi Amy! Thanks for checking out my site. My friend Emily has been taking the photos. Her blog is called Design Venom. Love your bags!


love the last part haha… babysitter- wow you had dreams ms. AP….
this is a very well organized and laid out blog. A public sketchbook/journal of sorts- I think many would be too afraid to share their process. thank you for not being one of many.


we are distant relatives!!! Just saw your mom & dad. Mom gave me the blog!! Fashion is my life! I’m an esthetician who eats, breathes skin!!! Dermalogica, luxe, murad! Our spa has a perfume, makeup, shoe, and clothing boutique. “Blossom ” in Newtown pa


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